The Healthy Basics


›Milk– organic whole milk, preferably raw and pasture fed, non-homogenized cream-top (organic whole milk, cream-top).  Store bought ultra-pasteurized milk is unhealthy.  If you can’t find raw, get organic pasteurized cream top milk.

›Yogurt– organic, whole milk, preferably grass or pasture fed, Greek (has highest protein content), or European Style with live active cultures, no sugar, no other ingredients or emulsifier added. Preferably in glass bottles.

›Butter – organic, preferably grass or pasture fed. Ingredients: cream, salt/no salt, only. 


Local, organic free range, preferably pasture fed, preferably no soy, no corn fed.  Duck eggs are available at Santa Monica and Brentwood Farmers' Markets.  They are nutritionally superior to chicken eggs and less allergenic.  


Non refined, extra virgin/cold pressed, preferably organic olive oil, pumpkin seed oil (high in magnesium), almond, walnut, sesame and sunflower oils are good sources of vitamin E, Omega-3.  Olive oil is great for cooking, sautéing and light frying.


Local, free range organic, preferably pasture fed, if possible.  No soy, no corn fed chicken, if possible.  Santa Monica and Brentwood Farmers' Markets have several vendors that sell organic pasture fed chickens.   Pre-ordering online or through email will ensure chicken availability (Good Eggs).  More nutritionally dense beef can be purchased there online too.  


Preferably local, one animal, one origin,100% Grass or Pasture Fed/raised. You want the color of the meat to be a burgundy color and not pink.


Wild and seasonal only, if not available frozen wild will do.  Make sure the fish was not caught near a recent oil spill or oil drills.


Local, organic seasonal with a strong aroma and firm skin.  Buy non-organic fruit at the Farmers markets from small vendors who practice sustainable and bio-dynamic farming (Santa Monica Farmer's Market).



Local, organic, preferably from the Farmers Markets.  Typically, smaller farmers are very careful with pesticides and don’t use them needlessly.  Choose the darkest greens.  The presence of bugs are desirable (farmer did not use or overuse pesticides).

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