Do Good Kitchen Classes 

I have developed a collection of educational classes that are taught in small groups for hands on learning. Bring your friends for a small group class (from 3-5 people) or give the gift of knowledge to someone you care about. Gift certificates and larger group classes also available.  

Contact us for pricing.

Here are a few of our upcoming classes: 


Kitchen Pantry Detox 

Which refrigerated, fresh, dry, and canned food to keep, and which to discard? Which  kitchen cookware, utensils, storage containers are the best? How to get the best available products on the market (based on your food preferences and cultural diet)? 

I will teach you what to look for when you shop at your local stores and how to utilize products to get maximum nutritional benefits and minimize possible chemical contaminants. 


Farmers Market Tours:  

Meet my favorite vendors and learn how choose your products.  Or, we can go to your Farmer's Market, and I will teach you to pick the best vendors.  Also, I will teach you seasonal tips in choosing products.


Local Grocery Store Trips:  

I'll help you come up with a comprehensive and healthy grocery list, and we will take it to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Co-opportunity, or another local stores.


Beyond Organic 101:  

A two-hour session where I will teach you how to choose food and personal products for optimal health and well-being.  Includes demonstrations of products and cooking techniques.   You will get a booklet with all the information covered in "Beyond Organic 101".


For Teens Only - Staying Healthy at College:  

Avoid the Freshman Fifteen!  Learn the easiest ways of eating healthy during your college experience.  I will provide a cooking demonstration of three basic nutritional meals using one cooking appliance.  Get lists of must-have cooking items that can be used to make many different dishes without compromising space.  Learn which foods to stock up on and which to avoid, as well as easy sources for nutritional foods.  Learn about emergency food and supplements that will help you to stay healthy. 


Food for Healthy Recovery

If you are recovering from surgery or suffer from ongoing health concerns, I can provide targeted advice and recipes to optimize recovery and wellness. 


Healthy Food for Elderly Parents: 

Overcome nutritional challenges and improve quality of life!

*All services offered one-on-one, and in small groups. Please contact me for more information.