“It’s better to invest your time and money on cooking and eating nutritionally dense and contaminant-free food now, than to pay later with your health.”
— Dr. Karina Wiesenthal, PhD Environmental Health Science

Do Good Kitchen will help you choose the most nutritionally superior foods and environmentally safe products for optimal health and well being.


I am passionate about helping people lead healthy lives, and maintaining a healthy planet. After earning my PhD in Environmental Health Sciences at UCLA I spent over a decade researching all aspects of a healthy life. When I became a mom I was determined to apply my knowledge to improve the way my family was living.



Shopping at the Farmer's Market

When you shop at your local farmer's market, learn how to get the best fruit and produce including what's in season, organic vs non-organic, location of farm, product varieties, and more.

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Shopping for The Basics

Learn the basics - dairy (eggs, milk, butter), oils, fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables. What to buy and where to find the best of all the essentials you buy for your home.

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Toiletries & Cleaning Agents

Exposure to unhealthy chemicals through air, water, soil, and other environmental sources is hard to control.  Decreasing the exposure from your personal toiletries and cleaning agents is much easer.

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Emergency Herbs

The herbs above are used for cooking, food preservation, tea drinking and medicinal purposes. We will teach you the unique and magical qualities of ordinary household herbs.

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Shopping at the Grocery Store

Learn what to buy and what to avoid at your local grocery store. We will teach you how to make healthy choices in produce and how to read labels of the most common store bought items. 

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Reduce Toxins During Cooking

How to reduce toxic by products formed during cooking. Learn the safest way to clean, prepare and cook your food to ensure toxic residues are eliminated.

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Kitchen Beauty Secrets

There are plenty of natural ingredients in your home that can clean your skin, your clothes, and your home. They all have healing properties found in over the counter medicine but are completely organic. 

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Must Have Supplements

Be careful with multivitamins.  Some of them are poorly absorbed and have low bioavailability.  Each brand of vitamins may have different potency, purity and bioavailability.

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