Emergency Herbs

Herbs are used for cooking, food preservation, tea drinking and medicinal purposes.



  • ›Rosemary possesses powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial properties.  It’s a great antioxidant and reduces inflammation. Crushed leaves can be rubbed onto bee stings and bug bites.
  • ›Fresh Spearmint is a digestive aid and relieves nausea/gas. Chewing fresh spearmint leaves or drinking fresh spearmint leaves in hot water reduces headache pain and is relaxing. It can also be used on bee stings and burns.
  • ›White Sage or any sage is great for liver detox, is a mild hormonal stimulant (promotes regular menstruation), and relieves hot flashes/night sweats. It's also a cold and flu fighter, due to its antiseptic and relaxing action on the mucous membrane. Sage also decreases body inflammation.  Sage leaves can be applied to the bee sting site/bug bite site to decrease inflammation and for wound disinfection (chew the leaf to activate the plant’s medicinal properties). It's also great for sore throats and canker sores.
  • ›Bay Leaf is used for cooking and to treat colds, sore throats, lung congestion (steam inhalation) and stomach aches (tea).
  • ›Onion skin (thin membrane between layers) is great for cuts, infections, burns.

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